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I am developing application in which user want to log in with their g mail username and password ,how can i do this and where is sample code and simple tutorial for this. I already looked many tutorial but i cant understand it properly and may tutorial are very complex.I am trying like this tutorial but it is not run properly mean not getting token and not finish WebActivity to coming to first activity.

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The blog I used a couple of years ago was Nick's blog

It's fairly straight forward. There are two steps

  1. Get Authtoken from the Android Authentication Manager
  2. Make a http(s) request to your appengine app (/_ah/login end point) with the authtoken which will respond with a cookie. Read the cookie and use for all future requests to appengine.

You can follow the blog directly, but since the blog was written Google have made a GoogleAuthUtil available that simplifies step 1. of getting the auth token. This class however requires the play framework installed.

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