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The modules are already imported in the current module ( no need of dynamic import ), and have an ALIAS name. The requirement is to get reference to the module by its alias name, and call its function

current module :

import libraries.mymaths.products as myproductlib

def call_func(module_name,method_name):
    # module_name = 'myproductlib' , method_name='mult'
    # how to call myproductlib.mult here ?

getattr(MODULE_REF, method_name) would help me to get reference to method, but how to get reference to module by its alias name ?

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To get the module, you can use globals. To get the function, use getattr:

getattr(globals()[module_name], function_name)

Importing a module just binds the module object to a name in whatever namespace you import it in. In the usual case where you import at the top level of the module, this means it creates a global variable.

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