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Dim line As String
Using readFile As New StreamReader(SalesUpdateFile)

While (line = readFile.ReadLine) IsNot Nothing

i am new to vb and everytime i run this code it gives me this error "IS" requires an operand that have a refrence type any help will be highly apperciated thnx

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You can't use an assignment as an expression in VB. Instead you should do something similar to this:

line = readFile.ReadLine
While (line IsNot Nothing)
    'process the line
     line = readFile.ReadLine
End While
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The while loop you have in your code is an idiom specific to C#. Take a look at this example on MSDN for the VB.Net equivelent:


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Yeah, I always forget that VB has do - loop until. –  Konamiman Nov 11 '09 at 11:09

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