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I am going to build an enterprise iOS app with map features. Considering using google maps sdk. However, I found that there are some limitation on the google maps api. If the traffic is high, google will charge some fee. But i dont know is it apply on the iOS API or not. Here is the link: https://developers.google.com/maps/faq

Did someone tried to use google map sdk for iOS with a large user traffic? Is it free or charged? Thank you!

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The usage limits don't apply to the mobile APIs, see here:


... native Maps APIs for mobile platforms such as Android and iOS are not affected.

Note though that if you're developing an enterprise app which is not available to the public, then it may not be allowed, see here:


However, not all commercial uses are allowed. For example, if your site meets any of the following criteria you must purchase the appropriate Google Maps API for Business license:

  • Your site is only accessible within your company or on your intranet.
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