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I am developing an application in C# which will be able to capture audio and video from a webcam and MIC, then stream them together. I searched the internet and found out how to grab the webcam and audio using DirectShow.net. Now I can save them to a hard drive as an .avi file. How can I stream them together and reproduce them on another PC?

It's almost like P2P audio video chatting, so I think that I must to stream them using a specified UDP/TCP port. As a newbie I'm really confused what to do.

Thanks in advance.

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I am not exactly sure if I understand your problem correctly. I would recommend reading up on DirectShow filter graphs. Basically you have to implement a filter that does not transform the data, but sends it over the network. If you use unicast/multicast for that depends on your usecase. I do not have enough experience with that stuff to offer more specific advice, but hopefully this points you in the right direction

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Thanks...i'll be following your advice.... – Benzamin Nov 15 '09 at 6:15

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