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I have collective search help S_MAT1 defined for data element MATNR.

I want to invoke programatically the append search help S_MAT1_APPEND, this means that when I press a button in an ALV list, I have to trigger a search dialog, like that for a search help.

I'd also want to be able to fill in some parameters automatically, and not let the user change those.

I am expecting to find a function module that does this. HELP_START doesn't seem too documented, and doesn't seem to be what I want.

Can this be done?

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Yes. Use the function module F4IF_GET_SHLP_DESCR to get a description of the search help, then call F4IF_START_VALUE_REQUEST with the description data. Be aware that you need to set SHLP-INTERFACE-VALFIELD to X for the fields you want to get back from the value help.

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yes... well.. apparently that's exactly what I eventually did :) Good to have a confirmation from pros though –  vlad-ardelean Jun 17 '13 at 11:47

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