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There are many questions and answers regarding checking the Ruby Gem path from the command line. However I haven't been able to work out how to check it from within a Ruby script. I need to do so because I have a require which works fine from irb, but fails within my script with a "cannot load such file" error.

How can I check where Ruby is searching for Gems from WITHIN the script?


The fix for my require turned out to be to add the required gem to the gemspec file as a dependency. However that doesn't explain why irb was okay but the script wasn't...since the dependency was available, shouldn't they both have found it?

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I think you're looking for $LOAD_PATH. Being a list, you can append new search paths to it using push or unshift. Also, if you're using a Gemfile for your script, you can try to execute your script using this command bundle exec ruby my_script.rb.

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Thanks. I tried $LOAD_PATH in my script, it returns the same list as $LOAD_PATH from irb, so it doesn't explain why my require (Sidekiq), works from irb, but not from the script. I ran the script using bundle exec as you recommended. –  Stefan Jun 17 '13 at 9:01

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