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I have Silverlight application implemented using MVVM architecture.

Now I want to use browser specific shortcuts (Hotkeys) in my application. Is there any way to disable/edit browser specific (all browsers) shortcuts like CTRL + P, CTRL + S etc.?

I do not want to use java script.

Please help..!!

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Unfortunately not. It's raised in full-screen mode or out-of-browser but with limitation too... You can use shortcuts like CTRL+SHIFT+S but it is not user-friendly ..

MSDN Doc : http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc189015(VS.95).aspx#Keyboard_Events

If an application is browser-hosted, the browser host determines which keystrokes it interprets as commands and which keystrokes it passes on to hosted content. This means that certain keystroke combinations cannot be retrieved from KeyDown and KeyUp event handler functions in some set of browser hosts. Most keystrokes that a browser hosts interprets as commands are shortcut or accelerator keystrokes, and when this happens the keystrokes are not passed as key events to Silverlight. For example, CTRL+D is a shortcut keystroke combination for adding a favorite URL to the Firefox and Internet Explorer browser hosts, and neither CTRL nor D is reported as a key event to the intermediate hosting layer that Silverlight must use as its input source when Silverlight-based applications are hosted by a browser.

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