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I am looking for the best packaging approach for a RIA written in java/javascript, and struggling with the javascript part. I have found the JS RIA maven archetype at http://mojo.codehaus.org/javascript-maven-tools/javascript-ria-archetype/index.html However my application uses dojo instead of jquery. Question is how to package dojo to make it available as a dependency? I was trying this:

  1. mvn install:install-file -DgroupId=org.dojotoolkit -DartifactId=dojo -Dversion=dojo-1.9.0 -Dpackaging=zip -Dfile=/home/mag/.m2/repository/org/dojotoolkit/dojo/1.9.0/dojo-1.9.0.zip -DgeneratePom -DcreateChecksum

    the version number is that weird because I was trying to match the directory structure in target to the one I see for jquery

  2. adding dependency to this and some unpacking to pom.xml:

    <!--project/dependencies -->
    <!--project/build/plugins -->
  3. inserting "dojo/query" in a javascript source as AMD:

    + define( ["jquery","dojo/query"], function($,query) {
    - define( ["jquery"], function($) {

    in the beginning of src/main/js/HelloWorld/HelloWorldController.js

The target now looks like this:


and I get this:

[ERROR] Dependency not found: dojo/query in file: [...]/src/main/js/HelloWorld/HelloWorldController.js

I have no clue on how AMDing "jquery" leads to finding target/classes/js/org/codehaus/mojo/jquery-amd/1.7.1-alpha-1/jquery-amd-1.7.1-alpha-1.js after extensive research for any hint in my ~/.m2 and target directories. Hence I have no idea how to prepare dojo to make "dojo/anything" bring in the needed dependency. Any ideas?

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Do you really have to use a archetype? I use Dojo, jQuery and quite a few other JS libraries in my project and build it all using maven. I wrote briefly about it on my blog here. Maybe if you break the problems you are having into smaller pieces it will be easier to help

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