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I am new with Gstreamer and I have not found on the web any solution to my problem (I only found how to convert from a certain format to another...). I would like to change the bitrate (from a high bitrate to a lower bitrate of course) of an AAC audio file. I am working on Ubuntu and have installed gstreamer-tools and gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-multiverse to work with AAC format. Can someone give me the pipeline to do so? For example, from a src.aac (112 kbps) to a out.aac (56 kbps).

Thanks a lot.

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First AAC is an audio codec. Generally you will need to re-encode. Something like this should work:

gst-launch urdecodebin uri=file://$PWD/src.aac ! faac bitrate=56000 ! filesink location=out.aac
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