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I have Subclipse plugin installed.

When I have following setting: Team -> SVN -> SVN interface Client = SVNKit (Pure Java) SVNKit v1.7.9.9659 I get error for committing (formatting is preserved):

add -N path_to_my_project

svn: E155021: The path 'path_to_my_project' appears to be part of a Subversion 1.7 or greater

working copy. Please upgrade your Subversion client to use this

working copy.

When I have Team -> SVN -> SVN interface Client = JavaHL (JNI) 1.7.10 (r1485443) I get similar error for committing:

add -N path_to_my_project

The working copy needs to be upgraded

svn: Working copy 'path_to_my_project' is too old (format 10, created by Subversion 1.6)

How to solve this (how to upgrade my client or upgrade working copy)?

P.S. Each time after changing SVN interface Client I restart Eclipse.

Help -> Check for Updates returns No updates were found.

Installed Eclipse Features:

  • Subversive Client Adapter 1.8.6
  • Subversion JavaHL 1.7.10
  • Subversion Revision Graph 1.1.1
  • SVN Team Provider Core 1.8.22
  • SVNKit Client Adapter

Installed software:

  • JNA Library 3.4.0.t20120117_1605
  • Subclipse (Required) 1.8.22
  • Subversion Client Adapter (Required) 1.8.6
  • Subversion JavaHL Native Library Adapter 1.7.10
  • Subversion Revision Graph 1.1.1
  • SVNKit Client Adapter (Not required)
  • SVNKit Library 1.7.9.r9659_v20130411_2103


It was my fault, I copied folder from one project (that had hidden .svn folder inside) to my current project. So, there is why my project behaved as it was part of Subversion 1.6 and 1.7 at the same time.

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Use svn upgrade or corresponding command in SVNKit.

You can also checkout a fresh working copy.

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how to do this in eclipse? – akapelko Jun 17 '13 at 11:32
I installed SVNKit using Help -> Install new software with url. – akapelko Jun 17 '13 at 11:40
svn upgrade refers to upgrading your Working Copy to newer format. You can also checkout a fresh working copy and it will work. – bahrep Jun 17 '13 at 12:23
I tried Project -> Team -> Upgrade, but other error occurs: svn: E155019: Can't upgrade 'path_to_project' as it is not a pre-1.7 working copy directory. It is strange.. Fresh checkout also didn't help. – akapelko Jun 17 '13 at 12:47
solved. bahrep - thank you for your efforts. sorry for wasting your time. – akapelko Jun 17 '13 at 13:10

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