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I've been playing around with AirBnb's Rendr using the app template they provided on GitHub.

In their example they connect to a RESTful API using HTTP Basic Auth. However in their code they provide the credentials for authentication directly on server startup like so:

$ BASIC_AUTH=githubusername:githubpassword grunt server

Now I'm asking myself if and how I can make this more dynamic, i.e. using the credentials a user has provided on the login of my client application or even use a different authentication schema, like OAuth for example?

Is this possible? Can someone provide an example?

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To use the app template as described you first have to implement session management look at this example and customize the authentication schema (basic auth) used to interact with the restful-api provided in the data-adapter file.


basicAuth = process.env.BASIC_AUTH;
if (basicAuth != null) {
authParts = basicAuth.split(':');
 api.auth = {
   username: authParts[0],
   password: authParts[1],
   sendImmediately: true
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