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I'm new to Win Forms programming and have tried every possible way of doing this to no avail. My issue is getting the contents of a textbox into a WCHAR * buffer, as follows:

String^ strTemp = tbSrc->Text; // tbSrc is a simple textbox
TCHAR* tszTemp = new TCHAR[strTemp->Length + 1]; // Allocate TCHAR buffer
strTemp->CopyTo(0, tszTemp, 0, strTemp->Length); 
// **Won't compile as tszTemp is not an array type**
tszTemp[strTemp->Length] = NULL;

This example obviously doesn't work. I've inserted CopyTo to illustrate my problem. I'm not sure how to solve this. Could someone please offer some help. It would be greatly appreciated.

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TCHAR stopped making sense a decade ago, use char or wchar_t or a C++ string type like std::wstring. You can't use String::CopyTo(), it requires a managed array. Very different from a C array. Check this MSDN page to get ahead. – Hans Passant Jun 17 '13 at 10:44

Assuming you're compiling a UNICODE project (i.e. TCHAR is wchar_t), you can do something like this

String^ strTemp = tbSrc->Text; // tbSrc is a simple textbox

// use marshalling to get wchar_t
IntPtr pString = Marshal::StringToCoTaskMemAuto(strTemp);
wchar_t *szWideChar = (wchar_t*)pString.ToPointer();

// ... do what you want with szWideChar here ...

// free the marshalled object
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