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Method to set user cookie, in UserRest class

public class UserRest{

    public Response login(@FormParam("username") String username,
    @FormParam("password") String password){
        return Response.ok(messageDto)
           cookie(new NewCookie("tokenId", "12345", "/medinetra/rest_service/", "", "", 1800, true))

It successful when i try to get cookie in UserRest class

public Response getCookie(@CookieParam("token") String token){
    System.out.println(token); //=> write 123456
    return Response.status(200).entity("ok").build();

But it will return null when i put getCookie method in CustomerRest.

It also not working when i try the other manner to set cookie.

    .header("Set-Cookie", "token="+token+";Domain=;Path=appname/rest_service;")

How can i handle this, how to get cookie from the other class.

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In the first example you aren't specifying a path. With HTTP cookies if you don't specify a path then it defaults to the path of the resource that returned the cookie. You should use one of the NewCookie constructors that takes more arguments and supply the path.

In the second example you are naming your cookie tokenId and not token as in the first example. If your CustomerRest code looks like your UserRest code then you are asking for the cookie named token and not tokenId.

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Sorry, actually it is still not work. I have updated my code above. –  Mahadi Siregar Jul 1 '13 at 7:54

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