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I've got an app that my client wants to open a kiosk window to ie on startup that goes to their corporate internet. Vb isn't my thing but they wanted it integrated into their current program and I figured it would be easy so I've got

Shell ("explorer.exe http://www.corporateintranet.com")

and command line thing that needs to be passed is -k

Can't figure out where in the hell to drop this to make it work. Thanks in advance! :)

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If you would like to use -k, you will probably want to call iexplore.exe instead of explorer.exe.

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Haha thanks for that, one step closer. But start run: "iexplore -k corporateintranet.com"; works but when tried in the project I'm getting a file not found runtime error now –  pizzaPi Oct 5 '08 at 4:03
I think the Start/Run menu has a special exception for knowing where iexplore.exe is located (for backwards compatibility). In your program you may need to specify the full path to iexplore.exe. –  Greg Hewgill Oct 5 '08 at 4:06

This worked for me, not the most elegant but it'll do:

Shell ("C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe -k http://www.corporateintranet.com")
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You shouldn't have to hard code the path for iexplore.exe; the system should know where to find it. Indeed, hard-coding the path could actually break your program in the future -- 64-bit OSes may place apps in different directories than you're used to. –  John Rudy Oct 5 '08 at 4:30

You have it right now but I think you are missing the closing quote after iexplore.exe

You may also want to take out the [space]-k, set the zoom level to what will work for you in kiosk mode and then put the [space]-k back in. I am guessing there is a parameter or argument as they call it to pass the opening zoom level to iexplore but don't know how to do that yet.

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