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I am building a music player using gstreamer-1.0. I am using sqlite3 to store meta data of the mp3 files. And I would like to use dbus for communication between gstreamer and database. This is basically to isolate the UI and the framework of the music player separately. While doing so I would like to retreive meta data which has been already stored in the database. I am returning it through a structure. Question is, how do I write the xml file for returning a structure through a function. My structure and function are as shown below.`

struct string_vars{

std::string title;
std::string album;
std::string artist;
std::string genre;
volatile long int real_time;
volatile long int current_time;

` struct string_vars Gstreamer_class::req_meta_data(char *song_path)



   return label_data;


I tried like this:-

<method name="req_meta_data">
    <arg type="s" name="song_path" direction="in">      
    <arg type="(issssxx)" name="label_data" direction="out">

I guess its wrong. It threw me an error:-

Unable to load "value-dbus-music.xml": Can't put element here make: * [value-server-stub.h] Error 1

Please help me.

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Need more info. Which dbus libraries are you using? DBUS, as a IPC, let you choose different libraries and languages. –  kikeenrique Jun 19 '13 at 8:54

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The signature to return struct string_vars as out parameter would be as following

<method name="req_meta_data">
    <arg type="s" name="song_path" direction="in">      
    <arg type="(ssssxx)" name="label_data" direction="out">

I removed the additional "i".

Now coming to your problem, looks like your build system is configured to autogenerate server side stubs from dbus introspection file named "value-dbus-music.xml".
Configure build system to look for correct XML file.

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