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i'm using Symbol.Barcode2 to scan a picture on MC67 and there is a loud beep when i activate the barcode and when i scan. can these sounds can be muted and how? i've tried using the .Config.Scanner.StartBeepTime/ActivityBeepTime/etc. and nothing. i've tried to use .Config.Scanner.ActivityWaveFile/StartWaveFile/etc. to an empty file and still nothing. help please

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Be sure to call


After you set the variables. It is possible you need to set DecodeBeepTime to 0 also.

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thank you for your comment, i was beginning to think i won't get an answer to the question. unfortunately, this help did not worked... i always use 'Barcode2.Config.Scanner.Set();', and i added the set of DecodeBeepTime to 0, but still got a bip sound when scanning – No Idea For Name Jun 23 '13 at 8:54

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