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I am trying to localize my program in linux. The project follows gnu structure(hopefully)

$ tree -d
|-- autom4te.cache
|-- build-aux
|-- data
|-- help
|   `-- C
|       `-- images
|-- images
|-- m4
|-- po
`-- src

Now, I want to localize my package.desktop.in

$ cat data/package.desktop.in 
[Desktop Entry]
_X-GNOME-FullName= Editor
_Comment=Editor file

my help/Makefile.am contains:


Now, I tried to create the .pot file using gettext as:

po]$ xgettext -o package.pot package.desktop.in
xgettext: warning: file `packege.desktop.in' extension `desktop' is unknown; will try C
xgettext: error while opening "package.desktop.in" for reading: No such file or directory


$ cat POTFILES.in 
[type: gettext/glade]data/package-menus.ui

And my data/ contains:

$ tree ../data/*
../data/main-window.ui [error opening dir]
../data/Makefile [error opening dir]
../data/Makefile.am [error opening dir]
../data/Makefile.in [error opening dir]
../data/package.desktop [error opening dir]
../data/package.desktop.in [error opening dir]
../data/package.png [error opening dir]
../data/packege.svg [error opening dir]
../data/org.package.gschema.xml [error opening dir]
../data/org.package.gschema.xml.in [error opening dir]

I have also tried intltool, and failed as well.

I was following this. Kindly help about this.

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although I don't know what an *.in file is, Gettext's xgettext tool can only extract strings from a limited set of languages and it's designed to look for specific keywords/functions. (note your error that it will "try C")

You can force a language, e.g. --language=java but I think you will be out of luck with your format there.

Your file looks like a language pack as opposed to raw source code, so try renaming it to *.properties and converting it.

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You need to use intltool-extract before xgettext, like so:

# prepare the *.desktop file to be used with intltool-extract
sed -r -e '/^(Name|Comment)\[/d' \
       -e 's/^(Name|Comment)/_\1/' \
       package.desktop > package.desktop.in

# you are missing this step; it creates a *.h file xgettext can parse
intltool-extract --type=gettext/ini package.desktop.in

# then you do
xgettext --keyword=N_:1 --join-existing --output messages.pot package.desktop.in.h

# combine new strings with existing translations
for POFILE in *.po; do msgmerge --update $POFILE messages.pot ; done

# and finally merge back into the desktop file
intltool-merge --desktop-style . package.desktop.in package.desktop

Adapted from https://github.com/gottcode/xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin/blob/master/po/update-po.sh

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