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I have such trouble with Jenkins.

I'm trying to test PDF generation using RSpec.

RSpec test failing, when trying to open receuntly generated PDF file. (File is saving into /tmp directory)

      pdf_generator =
      pdf_file_path = pdf_generator.to_pdf

and I get error(in Jenkins only):


 1) OrdersController GET show while authorized as customer INVOICE .generate_pdf pdf contains correct text
 Failure/Error: pdf_file_path = pdf_generator.to_pdf
   No such file or directory - /var/lib/jenkins/jobs/TicketCo for Gerrit/workspace/tmp/1371464314.pdf
 # ./lib/pdf_generator/invoice_pdf.rb:80:in `to_pdf'
 # ./spec/controllers/orders_controller_spec.rb:413:in `block (5 levels) in <top (required)>'

and here is the line in method, which causes error:

  def to_pdf

Can someone help me with this trouble ? Maybe I need to change PDF path for Jenkins ?

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I got an answer. If you have such problem just create /tmp folder in Jenkins workspace. In configurate tab you can add this command

     mkdir -p tmp
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