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I am using jQuery DataTables to display data and I am assigning class to Table row using DT_RowClass attribute of DataTables. Depending on some conditions, I assign classes to every row and got struck where I have two classes for row and both of them need to display an image in that row.


I have row like: <tr class="firstImage secondImage"></tr>

both firstImage and secondImage has css like .firstImage { background: url("img/firstImage.jpg") no-repeat 0px top; } and same for secondImage with different Image and 125px as position.

I only get one Image at a time, Is there any way in CSS where I can get both Images to display in a row at same time. I think as both css classes has common background attribute, one overwrites another, but I cant seem to find a solution.

Any help will be appreciated.

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You should probably do whatever you do using divs and not tables. But if you decide to stick with tables, you'd need to put those image classes to the two td elements inside the tr, not on the tr itself; or change the CSS rule from .firstImage {...} to .firstImage td {...}. That way you'll attach background to the td elements.

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I cant change <tr> attributes as they are created by jQuery DataTables – Jay Jun 17 '13 at 12:08

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