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I have LAMP stack with Symfony 1.4. I want such a system such that our server behaves as a publisher and clients behave as listeners. We have some events list and clients can get notified instantly when an event gets triggered.

I searched Ratchet Websocket for Instant messaging. but it works for Symfony 2.

Can I have some other tools/solution for realtime notifications?

Some tools I found on internet are:

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Can I have some other tools/solution for realtime notifications?. You just named a few so what's the problem? –  dbf Jun 17 '13 at 12:11
These are based on node.js. I dont want to setup node.js. It would be the next option if I dont get any other solution. –  Tanu Gupta Jun 17 '13 at 14:53

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So instant messaging is mainly done by polling a service. WebSockets et al. are no standard (yet). Setting up a JavaScript based server side solution (as with socket.io or ape) may be considered harmful if you are not sure how the system is maintained in production. pusher.com seems legit, as is MSMQ (which will not be available in your scenario, I guess). If you simply set up a frequent polling to your database via service endpoint in symfony you may get what you are searching for. Depending on the systems' load and user amount. Another solution is amazon SQS (free or really cheap in small scenarios).

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