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I've managed to get the number of words displayed on different lines and i need the number of characters of each word next to the words separated by " - ". How can i do that?

The string is from a textarea: "i like apples but sometimes i eat bananas"

$words = explode(" ", $_POST['txt']);
    for ($i=0; $i<count($words); $i++){ 
        echo "<br/>" . $words[$i] . " - ";}

It displays :

i -
like -
apples -
but - 
sometimes -
i -
eat - 
bananas -
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$words = explode(" ", $_POST['txt']);

for ($i=0; $i<count($words); $i++){ 
    echo "<br/>" . $words[$i] . " - " . strlen($words[$i]);
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There's no way to answer this question without sounding like a smart-arse, but... strlen...

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There’s no way to comment on this without sounding like a pedantic critic, but this is either a “link-only answer” or a “comment”… whatever you call it, I don’t think it really validates as a good answer. –  e-sushi Jan 6 at 9:12
foreach(explode(" ", $_POST['txt']) as $word)
    echo $word." - ".strlen($word)."<br>";
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