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I'm trying my luck with a Mozilla extension.

I want to use the below code to read line by line from a file and store the content in an array. And I've been trying to use workers to do this task in the background, away from the main thread. The problem I'm facing is that I can't seem to pass neither "Components" nor the input stream to the worker in the postMessage() function without receiving a DataCloneError error.

Any ideas on how and what to pass to the worker to make it work ? Or if not, then how to do this task asynchronously, if not by using workers ?

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You can't pass anything except pure JSON to worker and both Components and any of Components.classes are not serializable to JSON.

Take a look at JavaScript module NetUtil.jsm, it seems to be ok to use network utilities for local file reading. Eventually, everything is still socket.

Also, you may just make code from your snippet asynchronous with good old setInterval.

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