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with the reference of the following link i can able to search the contents of only single pdf file, but my requirement is to search multiple pdf files content please suggest me how to do that.

Simple word search in PDF

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The example provided create objects ready to index using this:

File pdfFile = new File("src/resources/SamplePDF.pdf");
IndexItem pdfIndexItem = index(pdfFile);

And, once it has created an Indexer, adds them to the index with:


I would suppose you can follow the same pattern for additional files.

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thanks for the reply i tried by giving folder name in place of file name it is not accepting and i also tried to call every file in the folder in a for loop it is also not working can u please suggest me.... – user2353439 Jun 18 '13 at 4:14
The first approach listed doesn't work because it doesn't traverse files recursively. You'dd nee to call it for each independantly. Doing it in a loop probably doesn't work because you aren't keeping a new IndexItem around for each iteration to be then indexed with the indexer.index call, at a guess. Just a shot in the dark on that last, without knowing exactly what you tried. – femtoRgon Jun 18 '13 at 6:03

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