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Background: I have a site using a prettyPhoto lightbox to display photos. I've enabled social tools to display the 'tweet' and Facebook 'like' buttons on the lightbox, in hope to enable the ability to 'like' only the current photo being displayed to the one viewing it.

Problem: The Facebook 'like' button actually results in all photos in the same gallery being liked: all photos display the same number of likes in the lightbox; and on Facebook, the user's 'like' in their news feed or recent activity links to the gallery page rather than the actual photo that was liked.

What I've tried: I have tried editing the jquery.prettyPhoto.js file to add in the placeholder found in this answer: http://stackoverflow.com/a/11796964/2205165

I have also tried replacing 'location_href' with '{path}' to see if that used the photo's full path/URL, but it did not, or didn't appear to do so.

I've tried the above with 'deeplinking' enabled and disabled, with no avail.

Help: If anyone has a solution to enable Facebook liking and Twitter tweeting of individual photos from the prettyPhoto lightbox, I'm all ears. Even if it's to the degree of photos displaying the correct number of likes, rather than all having the same number: I'm not too fussed at this stage about linking back to the individual photo: linking back to the main gallery page will suffice for that.

Thank you!

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If you need likes for individual photos, you need to make sure that href for like is pointing to the actual photo (for example ...gallery.php?photoId=16), and that the page in href also has proper meta tags for facebook (using same example, your gallery.php?photoId=16 must contain meta tags for exactly that picture) –  Darvex Jun 17 '13 at 14:00
Do you know if there's a way to pull the full image path into the href? I'm guessing the area I need to be looking at is // Rebuild Facebook Like Button with updated href if(settings.social_tools){ facebook_like_link = settings.social_tools.replace('{location_href}', encodeURIComponent(location.href)); $pp_pic_holder.find('.pp_social').html(facebook_like_link); } –  c0ffeec0ding Jun 19 '13 at 10:58
Well, it all depends on your solution. Images are stored somewhere, right? You should know the bath to them, or at least be able to parse href attribute of photos in your gallery with js –  Darvex Jun 20 '13 at 12:27

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