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in my wordpres have many category ( blog, gallery, review, carrer, profile) now i want to show in my blog page one widgets (custome widgets or hard code anyhow) only blog category month list and if i click month then show only blog category not other category. i can able to show only blog month by using plugins but if i click month then show all post from other category to. guys can you suggestion me how i can i do that. i am googling but not get any proper solution yet. see attached file my archive list. it could be widgets or hard code in template page no problem blog archive

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perticular category archive file.

copy archive.php and rename with category-$slug.php otherwise category-$id.php 
and change code in your archive file.

$slug  = yourcategory slug name
$id    = your category id

enter image description here

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thanks @ravi patel ... you may be mean custom category template. which i made already for my blog page. category-blog.php ... but i want when i click say June 2013 then show only blog category June 2013 post. right now if i click then open /?m=201306 this mean its open archive.php file. so all i want when archiver open then show my blog category post only and on my attached screenshot under ARCHIVE show only blog category month –  Accore LTD Jun 17 '13 at 14:08

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