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I want to create a transaction object in basket format which I can call anytime for my analyses. The data contains comma separated items with 1001 transactions. The first 10 transactions look like this:


I observed that there are duplicated transactions in the data and removed them but each time I tried to read the transactions, I get:

Error in asMethod(object) : can not coerce list with transactions with duplicated items

Here is my code:

data <- read.csv("AssociationsItemList.txt",header=F)
data <-  data[!duplicated(data),]
pop <- NULL
for(i in 1:length(data)){
pop <- paste(pop, data[i],sep="\n")
write(pop, file = "Trans", sep = ",")
transdata <- read.transactions("Trans", format = "basket", sep=",")

I'm sure there's something little yet important I've missed. Kindly offer your assistance.

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Sorry, you're writing as a csv it looks like (or something close) have you tried a read.csv or read.table at the end? –  Tommy Levi Jun 17 '13 at 15:05

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The problem is not with duplicated transactions (the same row appearing twice) but duplicated items (the same item appearing twice, in the same transaction -- e.g., "olives" on line 4).

read.transactions has an rm.duplicates argument to remove those duplicates.

read.transactions("Trans", format = "basket", sep=",", rm.duplicates=TRUE)
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