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Im developing a invoicing program and could use some advice. This invoicing program will work this way:

A.) Create Work Order B.) Create Service Report and apply time to service report C.) Work Order calculates time from service report and provides total amount.

Example: Work Order will have customer info (name/address/etc) Service Report will have what work was done and how much time was spent. once service report is completed, work order will reflect the total time spend and total amount due.

So my question is when it comes to the service reports, should i be save the "time-started" and "time-ending" AS well as the "total time" for each service report to the database, then the work order will TOTAL this time based on the database entry?


Should I only record the time-started and time-ending and let PHP calculate total time, therefore eliminating a "total time" entry in database.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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If you leave calculations to php then you don't have to worry about updating additional rows if one time changes. It will also save disk space, though not much of an issue anymore. – David Starkey Jun 17 '13 at 14:18

Calculated information to store really comes down to two things.

  • What is the cost to do the calculation?
  • How often will the calculated result change?

For what you're doing, it really seems inconsequential and your decision could be based on what data is easier for you to work with in your application.

However, if you have constantly changing data that doesn't cost much to calculate, then you should calculate it on the fly.

If you have more static calculations that don't change much, but take a long time to compute, then you should store it somewhere.

Everything in between is really just preference and takes other factors.

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