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I want to know when I should mark my class as final ?

And if not can I extend a final class?

I'm using a ipinfodb api and its a final class that I want to use in my regular class.

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Use composition instead of inheritance. The entire singular purpose of final classes is that you're not meant to inherit from them. You need to make a class which simply uses an instance of the final class internally.

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Final class is nothing more than a final class. It means, you just can't create a child class of a final class(No inheritance supported). You also can't override its' methods. But you actually can include it and use it in other classes.

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That's the problem I'm including it into my class and it keeps saying that it can't find my class even though I've checked it over and over again. – Eric Evans Jun 17 '13 at 15:25
Let me see your code. I need to see those 2 classes and how they are positioned in a project tree. – Ronen Jun 18 '13 at 15:18

you can't extend final class. Extend means inheritance. What means "include a final class in my class"?

You can make your own class, and then into that class create a member of your final class var m_yourFinalClassObj = new MyFinalClass;

Or just declare it:

     class MyClass
        var m_yourFinalClassObj;

... and in the constructor go and initialize it (create the object of the final class)

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the final class is same as sealed class in c# which means it is sealed it is further more cant inherited with other class however use this class by making its object in another class.

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