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I'm doing a website where an operator needs to schedule in a calendar, when the employees must visit some places within a campaign.

A campaign is a period of time in which the employee must visit the correspondent place.

That's why, in the calendar, I need to block (do nothing) those days outside of the campaigns.

The campaigns are events, filled up from a json string.

Now when the operator clicks on a day, I have to check the dates of start and end of the campaign (event), but can not access event data inside dayClick function, or at least I couldn't find a way to do so.

If anyone knows how, I would appreciate very much if you could guide me through this!

Thanks in advance!

I want to achive something like this:

dayClick: function(date, allDay, jsEvent, view) {
  if(date <= event.endDate || date >= event.startDay){
    document.getElementById('fechaA').value = date;
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Take a look at this updated full calendar https://github.com/mzararagoza/rails-fullcalendar-icecube it may do a lot of the things that you want it to do

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Thanks for the help but I'm not working with Ruby on Rails! –  alois.wirkes Jun 20 '13 at 13:10

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