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I am trying to use boss_db for accessing pgsql. The table should have the column name, id, it should be primary key

The Id type is only be uuid or serial. Is it right?

I want that id is varchar(20), the value of id is decided by the program, not auto decided by DBMS. Is it possible?

create table operators(
       id  serial primary key, /*I want id is varchar(20), is it possible*/
       tag_id   varchar(20),
       name     text,
       barcode  varchar(20),
       tel      varchar(12),
       mobile   varchar(20),
       email    text,
       ldap_user_id             varchar(20),
       operator_barcode             varchar(20)

A = operator:new(id,"0102030405060708",

The follwing codes is from boss_sql_lib.erl file:

infer_type_from_id(Id) when is_list(Id) ->
    [Type, TableId] = re:split(Id, "-", [{return, list}, {parts, 2}]),
    TypeAtom = list_to_atom(Type),
    IdColumn = proplists:get_value(id, boss_record_lib:database_columns(TypeAtom)),
    IdValue = case keytype(Type) of
                uuid -> TableId;
                serial -> list_to_integer(TableId)
    {TypeAtom, boss_record_lib:database_table(TypeAtom), IdColumn, IdValue}.
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Problem B doesn't exist, it is my program problem, it has been solved already. –  Chen Yu Jun 17 '13 at 21:09

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Assign an ID when you create the BossRecord by using your own ID rather than the atom id:

> AutoId = operator:new(id,
> ManualID = operator:new("operator-01",
> AutoID:save(),   % will just work
> ManualId:save(). % good luck

Record IDs are typically created by the framework. They must be globally unique. I recommend allowing the framework to assign its own IDs, rather than creating them manually as you will probably encounter bugs. However, there is nothing stopping you doing whatever you want.

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Thank you very much. As what you pointed, the id problem has been solved aleady. For the second problem, boss_db conflict with pgsql when using pgsql's schema feature, because the "." has reserved word for boss_db. –  Chen Yu Aug 2 '13 at 5:59

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