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i am trying to trigger a video to playback in fullscreen mode when you tap it to start playing it on an Android device (specifically Chrome on a Google Nexus 7) and then close fullscreen mode when the video has ended. I have tried both the webkitRequestFullScreen() and webkitEnterFullScreen() methods. The latter works just fine on iOS but Android 4.2.2 just ignores it totally. I have done a lot of googling on this issue but can't find a definitive answer on it. Anyone know why i can't get fullscreen to fire?

Here is my code:

function movPlaying() {

function movEnded() {

var video_1 = document.getElementById("video_1");
video_1.addEventListener('play', movPlaying);
video_1.addEventListener('ended', movEnded);
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It looks like your trying to achieve the same as this guy.

If you want to try it, there is a package for fullscreen here. Maybe you can use some of his examples.

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Tried the David Walsh stuff and it doesn't work for me. The other link seemed to be about trying to achieve it in java and i need to do it solely in javascript. Thanks for the links though. – El Guapo Jun 18 '13 at 10:48

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