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I am creating a TABLE with the following sql:

-- Table: buildings

-- DROP TABLE buildings;

CREATE TABLE buildings

osm_id integer NOT NULL,

"name" character varying(255),

"type" character varying(255),

"geometry" geometry,

CONSTRAINT enforce_dims_geometry CHECK (st_ndims(geometry) = 2)





ALTER TABLE buildings OWNER TO "user";

And Afterwards, trying to fill the table with data from another table with this:

    SELECT osm_id, way

INTO buildings

FROM planet_osm_polygon

WHERE building='yes'

And I get the following error:

ERROR: relation "buildings" already exists

*** Error ***

ERROR: relation "buildings" already exists SQL state: 42P07

Any idea as to why this might be the case? I'm new to pgrouting and trying to figure out how to proceed.


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Your command

SELECT osm_id, way

INTO buildings

FROM planet_osm_polygon

WHERE building='yes'

is creating table buildings which has been already created, that's why your getting this error. Please refer this link for more information

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Thanks a lot! was a simple problem, but extremely important. Cheers! – Mahfuzur Rahman Pallab Jun 17 '13 at 20:42

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