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Where I can see the output of javascript debug when wkhtmltopdf runs in debug mode (--debug-javascript)

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Are you running this in terminal/command line? It should print out when you execute wkhtmltopdf. Keep in mind, this is only printing out logged events, not everything that javascript is doing. Also, if you're using the --quiet switch, it will not print out any debug information. –  making3 Oct 28 '13 at 18:03

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Rendering test.html

<!DOCTYPE html>

like this

wkhtmltopdf test.html test.pdf --debug-javascript

should return something like this

Loading pages (1/5)
Warning: :0 Hi!                                                   
Resolving links (2/5)                                              
Counting pages (3/5)                                                      
Printing pages (5/5)                                                      
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