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I have a bar, that when you click on it, it slides down and shows a spinner, then an ajax call gets fired and the result replaces the spinner to show that it is done.

The problem I have is the data is taller than the spinner, so it slides down and shows the spinner, but then jumps down and shows the ajax result.

How can I animate the ajax?

if(clicked_elem_lev == anslev){
    // Kick off ajax request for level information
        url:  base_url + "ajax/return_level_info/" + ccode + "/" + clicked_rec_id,
        cache: false
        }).done(function( html ) {
        $("#childof_" + anslevel + "_" + clicked_rec_id).replaceWith(html);

The other code is all dynamic so if difficult to show but heres the slide JS

$('#' + targ_elem_id).slideDown(slidetime);
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Have you considered using CSS to hide the AJAX content, and then using jQuery to animate it in using the done() function? – Tom Walters Jun 17 '13 at 16:00

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