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I have my own Server with full rdp access. My previous asp.net 4 website was on IIS6, and I used to simply FTP single .aspx and .aspx.cs pages from my PC to my website in order to update it. Also I had a App_Code folder, with some .cs files inside it.

Since I needed to have different recycle logic to some folders, I simply created some application pools, and then going to "properties", "Create" I converted some of them into "applications".

Everything was fine.

Now unfortunally I had to switch to IIS7, where all the logic becomes illogic, and where every single feature is ... where you don't want it to be.

But, nevermind, I copyed all the files, and in order to convert the folders to application, I did "Convert to Application". And here's the surprise. On IIS7, if you convert a folder in Application, the files inside will not "see" anymore what's in "App_Code" folder.

Googling a little I found a lot of topics talking about difference between "Visual Studio Project" and "Visual Studio Web App". This is not my case. I could even not have visual studio at all and having edited all with notepad.

I'm simpy uploading .aspx and .cs files on folders, and I simply have .cs files on "App_Code" folder. On IIS6 everything worked even from pages inside folders set as "application". On IIS7 the pages inside application folders are not able to see the app_code pages.

Could someone please explain me why ??

** added on 1th/July/2013: Exact steps on how to recreate the problem:

1) Create a file "myMethod.cs" with the following code and put it in the "/App_Code" folder:

using System;
using System.Text;
using System.Configuration;
using System.Web;
using System.IO;

public class myMethod
  public string SayHello()
 { return "hello"; }

2) Now create a standard "web form" aspx page and name it "myTest.aspx" and put it in on a subfolder of your webite (let's say "/myfolder").

Paste this simply code for the page code behind:

public partial class myTest : System.Web.UI.Page
    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
     Response.Write(new myMethod().SayHello());

Now, the strange points under IIS7:

1) With he "myfolder" as a simple folder, it correctly works under IIS7, ASP4.0, Classic Mode.

2) Open IIS7, right click on the "myfolder" and click on "Convert to Application" and create a new Application for this folder, always ASP 4.0, Classic Mode.

3) It does not work any more because the aspx file can't locate the app_code anymore.

The same under IIS6:

1) With the "myfolder" as a simple folder, it correctly works under IIS6, ASP 4.0.

2) You open IIS6, "create" an application for the folder "myfolder".

3) It STILL does work since the aspx file can correctly locate the app_code.

I also tried to compile the .cs file into a dll, to remove "App_Code" folder, and to put the dll under "bin", but nothing changes. All pages on the main site can access it, but not from the "myfolder" pages when it's converted to an application.

That's fantastic...

  • update: after googling and asking the whole internet community, it seems nobody had a solution to this. So I found a solution by myself and I'm sharing it with you. IIS7 isn't smart enough as IIS6: it will not find your app_code, there's no way. You can't create a virtual directory inside your appfolder, because it will not work. BUT you can do a little trick on the filesystem and create a symbolic link. For istance, suppose you have /myappfolder/mywebpage.aspx and you have a /app_code folder. You'll need to open a dos prompt ("cmd"), go for istance to c:\inetpub\mywebsite\myappfolder, then write mklink /D "App_Code" "C:\inetpub\mywebsite\app_code". At this point you'll have a fake folder, like a "virtual directory" of IIS, but on the filesystem. IIS7 will fall in this trap and will think everything is ok. You'll finally need to mantain only ONE app_code and finally share it for every damn appfolder you want !!!!!!!! Finally !!!!!!!
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Try to testing your application into Local IIS7. Install in your local machine and test on it. Many setting will be change into IIS6 to IIS 7 –  Saroop Trivedi Jun 18 '13 at 4:44
Thank you for your kind response, but it has nothing to do with my question. It was not about testing (??) it was about code accessibility to shared App_Code on which the availability changes between IIS6 and IIS7 ... –  BitQuestions Jun 21 '13 at 15:54
If possible share your Code here which is working on IIS6?I will try on my Local IIS 7. Because tehre is no authentication issue if you have full rights on pages.check your authentication and authorization.. of App_Code –  Saroop Trivedi Jun 22 '13 at 9:06
Thanks for your help, I added some updates to the question in order to do a simple step-by-step to reproduce the problem... –  BitQuestions Jul 1 '13 at 17:51
Couple things..First, you seem to already know, but for clarity; you have a web site and not a "Web Application Project". Second, why are you setting the "myfolder" as a separate web application in IIS? Is this something you really have a reason to do? Since it's now it's own application, you won't be able to navigate out of it and run code from a different application (up a level and into the parent application's app_code in this case). If you really want to have an app-code folder, you need to have an app-code in each directory you set up as an application. –  AaronS Jul 1 '13 at 18:04

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