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I am working on Cakephp 2.x

Currently, I am managing my views is like this: I have a default.ctp file in my View/layout folder where all the reusable data is (for example menu, side bar, footer) and all the css and js files are also imported there. Then I have a view pages in my View/ControllerName/index.ctp file in which I am displaying the records.

Now what I want is to load specific css and js files for particular view page. How can I manage this?? Because at that time my all view pages is getting all the css and js files from the default.ctp file. But I want to load default.ctp layout as well but I want that if let's suppose I am calling a different view page then it select some css and js files from the default.ctp and skip the rest of files

Hope you understand what I am trying to do.

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This is a posible approach: In your beforeFilter function in AppController:

$this->set('loadXCss', false);
$this->set('loadYCss', false);
$this->set('loadZCss', false);

Then in any Controller, you should decide to show or not the css:

$this->set('loadZCss', true);

And last, in the layout:

echo this->Html->css('main.css', null, array('media' => 'screen,projection'));
if ( $loadXCss ) echo this->Html->css('x.css', null, array('media' => 'screen,projection'));
if ( $loadYCss ) echo this->Html->css('y.css', null, array('media' => 'screen,projection'));
if ( $loadZCss ) echo this->Html->css('z.css', null, array('media' => 'screen,projection'));
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In your AppController::beforeRender() function; add the following line:

$this->set('controller_name', $this->name);

In your default.ctp file, you can do an if or switch statement based on the $controller_name viewVar, and display some CSS/JS based on the value of it.

Or you can simply add overrides to other CSS and JS files and call those individually on each particular view you want to show.

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