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The title of rows in table cells is set as follows.

var source = new MvxStandardTableViewSource(TableView, "TitleText FullName");

How is a subtitle text set along with the TitleText?

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If you are using a standard cell type which has a subtitle, then you can use DetailText - see the property in MvxStandardTableViewCell.cs#L73


 var source = new MvxStandardTableViewSource(
                       "TitleText FullName; DetailText Address");

Obviously the standard cell types are fairly limited in what they can display - for more advanced applications, it's best to switch to custom cell types. There are several articles and videos about how to do this - see http://mvvmcross.wordpress.com

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Thank you Stuart, I greatly appreciate the help. The constructor that appears to use the arguments that you are referring to takes in an NSString cellIdentifier. Would you be able to explain this a bit further? –  Yahiko Kikikoto Jun 17 '13 at 20:03

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