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I am looking for a google chat client that I can embed in my website so visitors can chat with me directly. I haven't found any widgets like the google voice widget in which a visitor is connected directly to you without authentication. The only authentication I would want would be their name and email address.

Are there any widgets out there that integrate with google chat nicely?

Thanks, Walter

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It seems that you are looking for the Google Talkback badge:


Note, that in order to use it with Google Apps for Domains, you need to disable the SSL option for your domain while creating the badge, you can reenable it afterwards.

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Thanks, I'll give that a try. It looks exactly like what I'm looking for. –  Walter White Nov 12 '09 at 0:37
Thanks, you got me 99% of the way there. This is what I needed: google.com/talk/service/a/DOMAIN/badge/New where DOMAIN = your domain –  Walter White Nov 12 '09 at 1:14

I am working on developing for my customer, a similar widget which works with XMPP server. And since gtalk is built on XMPP it should work here too. It is not a very difficult thing to build, can't share the application with you because the app belongs to the client. But can guide you to develop one if you are interested.

I am having one problem which is posted here at stackoverflow. Once I resolve this issue will be happy to share more details.

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Thanks, I appreciate your comments. I might in the future; however, this already works and is google-branded. –  Walter White Nov 12 '09 at 1:15

Maybe you can find a standard Jabber(the protocol GChat uses) client, create an default "user" account and add yourself as a buddy.

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You could also check out http://www.alwaysupport.com They have this live chat integration. I guess this is what you need right now.

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please provide a full answer, not just a link –  slfan Apr 12 at 7:39

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