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Making quiz where user will answer for each question which is having for options. questions are fetched through mysql.

Questions 200 on one page Each question has four options (Radio Button), with one correct answer.

Answers are stored into database.

Now i want to store answers of user and want to compare it with actual answers which is stored in database, if answer is correct then count=count+4 if not then count=count-1

How to do this with post method? Please help in detail.

My PHP script for printing questions and options:

<?php $sql="SELECT * FROM  questions";
 $i=0;$num=$num1 - 1;
while ($i < $num1) {

echo" <div class='rowElem'><p><b>Question$i:</b> $ques</p><div class='formRight'>
  <input type='radio' id='radio1'    name='$qid' value='$opt1'/><label for='radio1'>$opt1</label>   
  <input type='radio' id='radio1' name='$qid' value='$opt2'/><label for='radio1'>$opt2</label>   
  <input type='radio' id='radio1' name='$qid' value='$opt3'/><label for='radio1'>$opt3</label>   
  <input type='radio' id='radio1' name='$qid' value='$opt4'/><label for='radio1'>$opt4</label>   
<div class='fix'></div>
  </div> ";

now what to do to store answers and compare it with actual ones, i think it can be done using array, bit i don't know how ?

also, the data should be submitted after 1 hour (let say), ie max time for user to answer questions.

Please help in detail, many thanks in advance.

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An array will work fine for a simple case - although in more advanced systems that I work on, all answers are stored fully normalized in a database. The first step is to separate out the data. That is, when a form is submitted, turn it into an apporiate array of [question1answer, question2answer, ..]. Then compare it item-by-item with the array of [correct1, correct2, ..]. The actual comparing process requires no HTML. –  user2246674 Jun 17 '13 at 18:05
Out of honest curiosity: why are so many people creating "quiz scripts" and why do they all have problems with it? Is this part of some particular school's homework, or is it an exercise in some popular book, or are that many people just really excited about quizzes? I really want to know. :-/ –  deceze Jun 17 '13 at 18:06
its just a assignment buddy, please help –  user2494418 Jun 17 '13 at 18:16

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