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I am having a problem with jquery sliders' change event

I notice that if adding the response function during the initialization it works properly, for example:

s.slider({change: function(){....}});

However, if I wanna do it after its initilization, I cannot figure out how, apparently the following does not work:

s.change = function(){....}

Can someone please help me :-) Many thanks

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jQuery UI creates new elements on initialization. s is probably no longer the element that needs to have the change event bound to it. –  Ryan Jun 17 '13 at 18:13

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If s is your selector here.. you can listen to the slidechange event after the slider is initialized.

s.on( "slidechange", function(event, ui) { .... } );
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Assuming your jQuery object is called s, you can add an event listener to it like so:

s.on( "change", function( event, ui ) {} );
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