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We need to set a timeout value when connecting to Mongo via Ruby. We're on Mongo 2.2.

Should we use :timeout or :connect_timeout? We see code snippets using both options here on SO and elsewhere. What is the difference?

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You can see what the different timeouts are here:

Copying from there:

#  @option opts [Float] :timeout (5.0) When all of the self.connections a pool are checked out,
#    this is the number of seconds to wait for a new connection to be released before throwing an exception.
#    Note: this setting is relevant only for multi-threaded applications.
#  @option opts [Float] :op_timeout (nil) The number of seconds to wait for a read operation to time out.
#    Disabled by default.
#  @option opts [Float] :connect_timeout (nil) The number of seconds to wait before timing out a
#    connection attempt.
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