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I am facing some problems with PHP Laravel update function. It doesn't update, only insert.

 public function post_rate(){
    $o = Input::all();

    //has user already rated?!
    $query = DB::table("ratings")->select("id")->where("user", "=", Auth::user()->id)->where("story_id", "=", $o['story_id'])->get();
    foreach ( $query as $d):
        $theID = $d->id;
    if ( empty($query)):  //User hasn't rated!
           $z = new Rating(); 
          $z = new Rating($theID);  //user has rated, tell which to update  
-----------------------------^ that cause the problem!

        $z->story_id = $o['story_id'];
        $z->user = Auth::user()->id;
        $z->rating = $o['rating'];

         echo "OK";


It works when no rows founded, but when i will use new Rating(@something) it fails.

the column id in "ratings" table is primary and auto_increment.

In my model i have also set up

 public static $key = 'id';

The output "$theID" also contains the correctly ID for the mysql row.

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Piece of advice -if you want to get an array containing the values from only one column, you can do it this way: $idArray = DB::table("ratings")->where("user", "=", Auth::user()->id)->where("story_id", "=", $o['story_id'])->lists('id'); – misaizdaleka Jun 17 '13 at 22:03

Try: $z = Rating::find($theID) with ->first() or ->get() instead

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Not working, :( – kim larsen Jun 17 '13 at 18:30
it works, sorry!!! thanks so much – kim larsen Jun 17 '13 at 18:34
Please mark as resolved if this helped – Half Crazed Jun 17 '13 at 21:29
$z = Rating::find($theID);


$z = Rating::where('id', '=', $theID)->first();

Both are equivalent.

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In order to update in laravel simply use the command

Rating::where('id','=',$theID)->update(array('name'=> $name));

I hope this can be of some help.

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The dude !

I was taking the same problem. Checking out the source code, I found that the correct field to set the primary key name is 'primarykey'.

For example:

class User extends Eloquent {
    protected $table = 'users';
    protected $primaryKey = 'ID';
    public $timestamps = false;
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Take it easy !
take a look at this , when user hasn't rated you just save it as you did before !

if ( empty($query)){  //User hasn't rated!
        $z = new Rating();    
        $z->story_id = $o['story_id'];
        $z->user = Auth::user()->id;
        $z->rating = $o['rating'];

and in the update part ! do as follows :

    $rates = array(
                'story_id' => $o['story_id'],
                'user' => Auth::user()->id,
                'rating' => $o['rating'],
$old = Rating::find($theID);
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