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I am writing a plugin for vim in which I am calling a ruby script.

The script finds the arguments for the method and I have managed to display them in the popup using completefunc. Here is how it looks.

Image of popup window

This is great but if I chose one of the options the popup closes and I lose the rest. Is there a way that I can keep the popup open and use it to paste things in while typing? I do feel like I am misusing the popup as it seems to be designed for single word auto-completion. If that is the case could someone suggest an elegant alternative approach?



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+1, sometimes I also miss such kind of function when I use latex-box. Now I just echomsg the candidates in the menu, and use :message to show them up. –  ying17zi Jun 17 '13 at 22:38

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There's no way around closing the popup menu after a candidate has been selected and inserted into the buffer. However, nothing prevents you from automatically re-triggering the same completion (using feedkeys() and the CursorMovedI event), provided the conditions for continued completion are given.

The AutoComplPop - Automatically opens popup menu plugin does this; you can check its implementation for details.

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Hmm.. I went into feedkeys and CursorMovedI but I decided to follow your idea of re-triggering but after the user types a comma which would be what would separate the arguments. I then remove the mapping when the user inserts a closing parenthesis or <esc> <C-c>'s to normal mode. It does feel a bit hacky though and I am wondering if I m going to have any problems with that approach. *inoremap , ,<space><C-x><C-o> *inoremap ) <esc>:iunmap ,<CR>:iunmap )<CR>i<right>) *inoremap <esc> <esc>:iunmap ,\|iunmap )\|iunmap <C-c> *inoremap <C-c> <esc>:iunmap ,\|iunmap )\|iunmap <C-c> –  Dionysis Jun 19 '13 at 10:49
@Dionysis That looks fine to me; with your special needs, there's no straightforward solution in Vim! –  Ingo Karkat Jun 19 '13 at 10:55

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