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I have an object $ in my controller. I want to watch for any changes in $ and $ and do a get request and replace all the data in $ object. Before this change happens, I would like to send the data of $ to the server with the old $ and $

$scope.$watch(' + form.baz', function() {
    // send old $ to server with the 
    // previous $ and $

How would I go about doing this? TIA

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The second parameter of $scope.$watch is a function which receives two parameters : the first one is the new value, the second one the old value.

You can simply watch for the whole foo object, and set the third parameter of $scope.$watch to true in order to compare object for equality rather than for reference. Notice that this can be a pretty bad idea if your object is really large :

    function (newFoo, oldFoo) {
        // send old $ to server with the 
        // previous $ and $

You can also watch separately and foo.baz :

var sendAndReplace = function (parameterName, oldParameter) {
    oldFoo = angular.copy($;
    oldFoo[parameterName] = oldParameter;

    // send old oldFoo to server with the 
    // previous oldFoo.baz

$scope.$watch('', function (newValue, oldValue)) {
    sendAndReplace('bar', oldValue);

$scope.$watch('foo.baz', function (newValue, oldValue)) {
    sendAndReplace('baz', oldValue);
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Thanks for the response. Does your second example (sendAndReplace()) also preserve old properties on $ – cp3 Jun 17 '13 at 19:21
Got it! Thank you! – cp3 Jun 17 '13 at 21:57

The listener function which you provide to the $watch function has two parameters newValue and oldValue as described in the docs here:$rootScope.Scope#$watch

In your example you watch on the concatenated string, so to parse the oldValues from the newValues you have to put a seperator between the two variables like so:

    $scope.$watch(' + ";" + foo.baz', function(newValue, oldValue) {
        var oldValues = oldValue.split(";");
        var oldBar = oldValues[0];
        var oldBaz = oldValues[1];
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