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Is there a suitable Emacs mode for Go? C mode doesn't work without semicolons. The best I have found is the JavaScript mode by Karl Landstrom, since JavaScript also doesn't require semicolons.

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Try misc/emacs/go-mode.el (web link) in the Go distribution.

If you are using Emacs 24 and marmalade repo, use M-x package-install <RET> go-mode to install it directly.

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Just to clarify, it's in the Go distribution, not the Emacs distribution. For me it was in ~/go/misc/emacs. –  gregsabo Nov 13 '09 at 21:53
You really should not use marmalade to install go-mode right now. The version on there is terribly outdated. –  Dominik Honnef Oct 8 '13 at 15:15
What can we do to make sure that it's not terribly outdated? Using package mode is tremendously convenient... –  Viktor Haag Jan 1 at 19:12
1) Could've used a different repository, such as MELPA 2) It's been taken care of. the marmalade version isn't terribly outdated anymore –  Dominik Honnef Jan 7 at 19:10

If your Go installs to /usr/local/go then add the following to your .emacs file.

;; go mode                                                                                           
(setq load-path (cons "/usr/local/go/misc/emacs" load-path))                                         
(require 'go-mode-load)
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Directions included in go-mode-load.el

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Yes, there is. It is in the source code, inside the misc/emacs dir.

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Read Writing Go in Emacs and its follow-up, written by Dominik Honnef, the author of the official go-mode.

There he explains the story of go-mode and ways to install it, how to read Go documentation from inside Emacs, how to manage import statements of Go files in Emacs, how to setup autocomplete, on-the-fly syntax checking, snippets, and a lot of other super useful features for developing Go in Emacs.

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Update from 2014 for Linux users

You can now download the golang-mode for Emacs from your package manager:

  • Fedora: yum install emacs-golang
  • Debian: apt-get install golang-mode
  • Ubuntu: apt-get install golang-mode

I only checked on Fedora, but the package is automatically installed and you have nothing to do except enjoying your new golang mode! And it is also updated as any other package of your system.

There are probably packages on other Linux distributions too.

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