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I'm trying to partition a mesh using METIS through Fortran, I built the lib file using Visual Studio 10.0 X64 on an X64 Windows 7 system, my program is as the following:

module metis_vars

     use iso_c_binding

    ! Variables
    integer                                        :: ia, ic
    integer(kind=c_int)                            :: ne, nn
    integer(kind=c_int)                            :: ncommon, objval
    integer(kind=c_int)                            :: nparts
    integer(kind=c_int), allocatable, dimension(:) :: eptr, eind
    integer(kind=c_int), allocatable, dimension(:) :: epart, npart
    type(c_ptr)                                    :: vwgt, vsize, tpwgts  
    integer                                        :: opts(0:40)


        subroutine METIS_PartMeshDual(ne,nn,eptr,eind,vwgt,vsize,ncommon,nparts,tpwgts,opts,objval,epart,npart) bind(C, name="METIS_PartMeshDual")

            ! use binding module
            use iso_c_binding
            ! declare variables with C++ types semantics
            integer(kind=c_int)               :: ne, nn, ncommon, objval
            integer(kind=c_int), dimension(*) :: eptr, eind
            integer(kind=c_int), dimension(*) :: epart, npart
            type(c_ptr), value                :: vwgt, vsize, tpwgts 
            integer(kind=c_int)               :: opts(0:40)

        end subroutine METIS_PartMeshDual

    end interface

end module

program METIS_PART_1

    use iso_c_binding
    use metis_vars

    implicit none

    open(unit=1, file='metis_test.mesh')

    read(1,*), ne

    nn = ne * 8

    allocate( eptr(ne), eind(8*ne) )
    allocate( epart(ne), npart(nn) )

    do ic=1,ne

        ia = (ic-1) * 8 + 1

        read(1,*), eind(ia:ia+7)

        eptr(ic) = ia


    nparts = 4
    ncommon = 2

    vwgt   = c_null_ptr
    vsize  = c_null_ptr
    tpwgts = c_null_ptr
    opts(0)   = 1
    opts(7)   = 1

    call METIS_PartMeshDual(ne,nn,eptr,eind,vwgt,vsize,ncommon,nparts,tpwgts,opts,objval,epart,npart)

end program METIS_PART_1

I revised all the input arrays and they're correct (I already partitioned this mesh using the EXE's successfully), however, when I use the API, I get the following error:

Current memory used: zu bytes Maximum memory used: zu bytes ***Memory allocation failed for CreateGraphDual: nind. Requested size: zu bytes

I have no clue what's wrong or how to debug it

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Well, if you suspect a failure of memory allocation I suggest that you check the status returned by each of the allocate statements. Consider the optional argument stat. –  High Performance Mark Jun 17 '13 at 21:50
You can also step by the code using any debugger and identify the line that cause the error. –  Vladimir F Jun 18 '13 at 8:03
@HighPerformanceMark, the documentation includes no such thing as "stat" optional argument, there's an option array argument called options[METIS_OPTION_DBGLVL] –  Alphajet Jun 18 '13 at 13:38
stat is an optional argument for the Fortran allocate statement. I suspect that METIS (I have no clue what that is or what it does) allocates memory during execution; the error message you report is consistent with memory allocation failing. If you can't edit the source code and re-compile, I suggest you ask this question of whoever supplied the code. –  High Performance Mark Jun 18 '13 at 13:45
@HighPerformanceMark, aha ! now I get you, actually the allocation process is a part of METIS itself for allocating its own variables –  Alphajet Jun 18 '13 at 13:59

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I finally came to find out that allocation size of eptr was (nc), but it should be (nc+1), which is the number of elements+1

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