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I need to monitor TCP packet statistics on Linux/Windows using libpcap (WinpCap). Specifically, I have been instructed to research the possibility of monitoring TCP traffic on a machine, and determining the following statistics:

1) # of packets based on port number

This is easy. The source/dest port numbers are in the TCP header.

2) Average/Minimum/Maximum response times


Question: What, exactly, defines a “response time” at the TCP level? If we are talking about monitoring ACKs at the TCP level, then we would have to keep track of packet sequence numbers for a connection, and understand how TCP actually works in detail. Correct?

3) # of retransmissions


Question: What, exactly, defines a “retransmission” at the TCP level?

4) # of errors


Question: What, exactly, defines an “error” at the TCP level?

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