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I need to convert a large amount of icons in XAML format (all just use canvas) to bitmap format.

Does anybody know about a tool that does that? I only found xamltoys/xaml2emf. This works but not correctly - colors are messed up and resolution is very low.

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Try using WriteableBitmap

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This piece of code I did will just allow you to save any FrameworkElement to disk:

Public Shared Sub SaveImageOfControlToDisk(ByVal MyControl As FrameworkElement, ByVal FileName As String)
    Dim ThisVisualBrush As New VisualBrush(MyControl)
    Dim ThisDrawingVisual As New DrawingVisual()
    Dim dc As DrawingContext = ThisDrawingVisual.RenderOpen()
    dc.DrawRectangle(ThisVisualBrush, Nothing, New Rect(New Point(), New Size(MyControl.ActualWidth, MyControl.ActualHeight)))
    Dim render As New RenderTargetBitmap(MyControl.ActualWidth, MyControl.ActualHeight, 96, 96, PixelFormats.Pbgra32)
    Dim PngEncoder As New PngBitmapEncoder()
    Dim ThisStream As New IO.FileStream(FileName, IO.FileMode.Create)
End Sub
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