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I downloaded some sample from internet. but the sharp always disappear when i changed any value of Position, or Look Direction, or Up Direction. I can't understand these properties, can anyone help me?

what's relationship between these properties? is there any sample to show these relationship?

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Can you add more tags to your question? Probably the 3d tag would be useful. – Daniel Rodriguez Nov 11 '09 at 18:49

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Position is a vector from the scene root(origin) to the camera.

Look direction is a unary vector positioned at the camera that points in the direction the camera is looking.

Up direction is a unary vector that points to "the sky", I mean, points in the direction the camera considers as "up". Normally you use a (0,1,0) vector here.

Look here for more info.

Hope that helps.

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I've provided another answer to a similar question with graphical explanation that might help others. – Bahman_Aries Jun 7 at 9:26

Check out the 3-D Graphics Overview on MSDN, specifically the section on cameras.

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